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Thanks Mike! I love that I am gold, however I do not think of myself as a limitless supply of positive energy, hmmmm. I love that at my lowest, I become a cheap thrill seeker.

Your Power Color Is Gold

At Your Highest:

You are engrossed in passions that mentally stimulate you.

At Your Lowest:

You seek thrills and neglect what's important in your life.

In Love:

You see dating as adventure and approach it with an open attitude.

How You're Attractive:

You passion for life makes others passionate about you.

Your Eternal Question:

"Am I Having Fun?"
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I am probably setting myself up for a self fulfilling prophecy, but I just got my confirmation for my trip to Phoenix next weekend and it is dicey! Note to readers, never fall victim to the lure of $120 tickets to Phoenix, EVER! Because you will go from Providence's TF Green (we have a love hate relationship ever since I crashed into the runway fence after falling asleep at the wheel) to Detroit, to St. Paul and then to Phoenix. Going home is slightly easier, I am flying into Boston, and not by way of London!

But we will have 2.5 days to spend at my house in Phoenix, which will probably be spent drinking enough wine to forget the voyage getting there, and prepping for the return voyage home. Eh, it was $120 bucks, what else was I going to do for Martin Luther King Day. Although it certainly wont be as fun as New Years weekend in Suburban Massachusetts. *Cue Brokeback Mountain Theme*
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From August 6th:

I cant wait to have a job, so I wont have to watch Passions everyday. This week they had a tsunami, a little insensitive I think. I love how no matter how soaked, or near drowning all the characters were, their makeup remained perfectly unsmudged!

So I found an apartment! I like doing things in reverse order, apartment before a job, but it will all work out, i think? I have a second interview with a company on Monday, so I am hoping that works itself out. Of course this means an end to my summer streak of beach and other shananigans.

Well I have a job (which owns me) and am moving out of aforementioned apartment! I don't remember what company I had a second interview with, clearly I lie up and down my LiveJournal.

My "shock and awe" version of Christmas shopping continues. This weeks prize pick up was a $35 snowman cake pan from Williams Sonoma for my older sister. Clearly she will love it, but I really need to devote more time than 2.5 minutes in a store for proper shopping.

Really the point of this entry is to annnounce that tonight I am seeing THE FAMILY STONE. If there is one thing in 5 years that I will want to remember about December 05, and ending my 4.5 month LJ hibernation, it is Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rachael MacAdams.

Also, in the spirt of SJP and her box office smash "If Lucy Fell" (A whopping domestic gross of $4,635,344, I think I have more credit card debt than that) wonder what would be the best Boston landmark to jump off of should I ever make a death pact if my life at 30 is anything other than what I expect it to be. Suggestions already include the Mystic River bridge, but Mike only suggested that because its featured in a movie starring Laura LINNEY!
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I am very much enjoying net flixx, Saved! was my fave out of the current batch of three. House of Sand and Fog was possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen, the book made me want to kill myself, not sure why I watched the movie.

So apparently I need to work on my interview skills, the place i met with last tuesday denied me, via email, on a Sunday night! What gives. I think he knew I was desperate for a job, he kept asking if I was sure I wanted to do accouting, which I dont, but i need a job! Its probably for the best.

So this recruiter from new york called me, he saw my resume on monster. I have gotten more interest from New York people then Boston! So I agreed to go down on thursday. Last week Bloomberg wanted me to go in for an interview on Wednesday, but they emailed me on Monday, and I was like, uhh I need more time. So they emailed me yesterday and want to interview me Thursday night, it all worked out so well. Except I had kind of anticipated staying in Boston, but we shall see. perhaps my stellar first interview streak will continue.

So I walked with Juliana today to Friendlys, my sister only called me twice. I got Jules a clown sundae and a classic sundae for me. The waitress was Kristen Holmes who I went to school with from K to 6th grade. We used to call her the tomato, because she had red hair, and a face full of red freckles. So she tells me I look familiar, and IM like, Kristen? And she is like, Stephen! I told her Juliana wasnt mine, and she was like, oh is she Bethany's? Instantly I wanted to grab Juliana and run, it creeped me out that she remembered that.

It gets worse. She brings over my soda and was like, "My husband and I were talking about you last night". i almost spit up my coke because a) she was married and 2) they were talking about me? So apparently they were talking about first crushes, his was in 4th grade, hers was in pre-K, and i was the lucky recipient of such supressed affection, lucky me!

So lunch got worse when she thought i cared about her life since i left hers 10 years ago, she had a gay boyfriend from 7th to 10th grade, blah blah, blah. I think she knew! Donna gave me money for ice cream, so i left the tomato a hefy 100% tip and got out of there. I didnt want to piss her off, she has a memory like a cat, thank god ive moved since!

Okey, off to the pool!
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I figured out what the rogue message is! Being the non follower i am prefer to use the pointed parenthesis, rendering them not parenthesis, more like brackets, but not, but you know what I mean. If i type it here, i will get the message, but please refer to previos entries! It thinks Im trying to make some weird command!
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I dont know what the first line error message on all my entries is about lately, perhaps its time i euthanized live journal
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Still no job!

Checked my credit card balances online, eeeek!

Apparently Ive listened to Hohan's Rumors 30 times
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<making [...] #25>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Still no job!

Checked my credit card balances online, eeeek!

Apparently Ive listened to Hohan's Rumors 30 times <making it #25 on my top 25 played>

There is Romy & Michelle's Prequel made for ABC Family TV titled "Romy & Michelle: In The Begining"

I hope the above doesnt interfere with gilmore girls

If someone can tell me why Keane's cant stop now is #1 on my itunes at 76 plays I will love them forever

New Harry Potter trailer is online, my how those kids have grown! *tear*

Family Guy is my jam, Im always last on the bandwagon

Nicole Kidman is NOT a heroin addict

Ok Im off to watch Steel Magnolias and wonder about Keane!

till my dying day
I have nothing to say, I just wanted to put in the song I am listening to.

Current Music: No Me Ames [Tropical Mix] J Lo

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Also, Happy 3 Year Anniversary as we first met at your 2* Birthday Party! "You did nothing for me"

See you in 12 days! xoxo

Current Mood: Congested

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I just saw Lauren Bacall at Fortnum and Mason, she is alive and kickin that one!
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